Hi! My name is Jacob Wolfrum, you can just call me Jacob Ryan or JR.
I'm a Graphic Designer from Metro-Detroit. I like to construct logo's,
brands, mobile applications, web designs, and print materials.

DeGrandchamp IT Services

This logo was done for a good friend of mine who is involved in the Networking and IT industry. Using his name and the thick rimmed glasses he wears, I was able to come up with this design for him.

Nerd Herder

An App UI done for practice, making sure it kept within the realm of possibilities once handed off to a developer. The idea behind this app was to make it easier for competitive gamers to find gaming get togethers (more conventionally called LANs). This would allow them to search the immediate area for LANs, post their own, and pull in stats they entered to track how they faired. I used Halo, primarily because that’s what I play. There would most definitely be a slew of other options and models to pull in from other game titles.

Halo: Reach Timer

A timer/clock app for gaming while you play Halo: Reach. It’s an app I’d actually like to develop at some point, as their is a serious lack of beautiful and functional Halo timer apps. It’s a niche market, but still one that needs to be served.

Tiny Rocket Bakery

One thing I do in my spare time that not many people know about is I love to bake and make cakes. You know with the whole dirty frosting, and then fondant, working with modeling chocolate, etc. It’s one of my creative outlets I found a passion in. If I were to own a bakery this is what I would name it.

Hold The Cheese!

A logo I did for a personal project I’m working on involving gaming and technology. I’ll have a web design accompanying it soon that I’m hoping to develop in the near future.

Hold The Cheese!

The web design to accompany the logo for Hold The Cheese! It’s still a project very much in development with hopes of moving it along here within the next few months.

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